Our Story

For years we watched children struggle to complete typical childhood tasks. It broke our hearts to see them put so much effort into simple skills, like remaining seated at their desk. While their peers easily completed assignments, they were searching for their paper and pencil, trying to figure out where the teacher was on the board, all while realizing that they lost their place on their paper. We watched them work so hard to arrange the tongue and laces of their shoes, to situate their feet so they could jam them into the shoes. If they can tie their shoes, it takes 2-3 trials and ultimately ends up too loose to stay tied more than a few minutes. They stand up to go play not realizing that their shoes are on the wrong feet. It was distressing to see these children exert so much energy to keep up with their peers, only to see them trip over their own feet and fall down again and again.

We had success with these children in a variety of settings, but we were never able to fully address all their needs due to environmental restrictions, rules, and regulations of those settings. We could no longer stand idly by watching these children—your children—suffer. We want parents to know—we want you to know—there are answers and they are affordable and effective. As occupational therapists, we have experienced the overwhelming joy of helping children and their families attain greater happiness and success under difficult conditions. We sought out to assist children in reaching their maximum potential in a place that allows us to completely and comprehensively help your child flourish while having fun! That is why we started FUNctionabilities—a place where highly trained professionals, like occupational and speech therapists, assist your child in learning to play and playing to learn.

“When creating the vision for FUNctionabilities we decided that advanced certification in the leading evidence-based programs was necessary to set us apart and allow us to offer the best services we can for your child.”

August Quaife, MOTR/L, LMT
Owner & CEO

August moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Quickly after graduating August and her friend, Georgette, went to Utah College of Massage Therapy. Upon graduating they took the leap into self-employment, creating Health & Body Logix. Staying true to her goal of higher education, August then attended the University of Utah and earned her Master’s degree in occupational therapy. She has always been involved in sports playing basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball in high school. She then attended Brenau University for a couple of years where she played soccer and volleyball on the inaugural teams. August enjoys spending time with her family and friends exercising, watching movies, and doing crafts. She currently resides in South Jordan and teaches primarily in her LDS ward. August loves working with children and has felt blessed to have had the opportunity to work with children for many years. She is excited about making therapy fun for children and providing a place that children can more fully have their needs met.

August is a registered and licensed occupational therapist with special training and certification in:

Her favorite superhero is Captain America because his internal moral compass always guides his actions. There have been many people in her life that could be considered personal heroes but if she had to choose it would be her parents for instilling in her a deep drive to become better through hard work and sacrifice for the greater good.

Kaylyn Ellis, MOTR/L
Owner & Clinical Director

After graduating from Timpview High, Kaylyn studied at Utah Valley University before serving in the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro LDS mission. Upon returning from her mission, she attended the University of Kansas where she earned both her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in occupational therapy. Kaylyn began her occupational therapy career in mental health but has also done rehabilitation, home health, outpatient, and schools. She played volleyball, basketball, and soccer at Timpview High where she was part of the first girl’s basketball team to take the state. She enjoys running in the mountains and spending time with her family. She currently resides in South Jordan and enjoys teaching primarily in her LDS ward. Kaylyn loves working with children and as far back as third grade, she began telling people she wanted to work with children with disabilities. She looks forward to being able to more completely address the needs of children without some of the drawbacks that other settings create.

Kaylyn is a registered and licensed occupational therapist with special training and certification in:

Her favorite superhero, since her childhood, is Spider-man and she can sometimes be heard singing the cartoon theme song around the office.

Kaylyn has been blessed to have many people step in when she has needed them throughout her life to help her learn and grow. However, if she had to pin it down to a real-life hero, she would have to choose her parents. They have always been supportive of her, have taught her to work hard, to help others, and to sacrifice for what is right. They continue to be a sounding board, to help her with tough decisions, and she recently commented to them, “Aren’t you glad your daughter opened a business so you could [do manual labor] to help her?”