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Start Speaking the Same Language

Truly Connect with Your Child

  • Build Confidence
  • Get Results
  • Unleash Potential

At FUNctionabilities, Speech Therapy

Pulls Your Child Out of a World of Silence 

by Playing to Learn

  • Enhance Articulation
  • Expand Receptive and Expressive Language
  • Increase Attention and Safety
  • Improve Problem Feeders
  • Strengthen Fluency and Voice
  • Diminish Tongue Thrust
  • Promote Learning
  • Boost Confidence and Social Abilities

Even the Best Parent Does Not Always Know

On your best parenting day, and in your best parenting moments, without your child's voice, knowing their wants and needs is still a guessing game. Every parent wishes they had a crystal ball to know what their child needs, to understand their desires, and yes, to see what their future could be.

It was one thing when your child was a baby. You knew their tired, hungry, and hurt cries, but that didn’t translate into knowing what was hurting. In those difficult moments you longed for the day when they could tell you. Unfortunately for many parents, that day still hasn’t come.

We are the tools you need. We create connections for parents

and children.

FUNctionabilities Makes Life Easier for Children Who Struggle

to Do the Things That Are Seemingly Simple

We Help Children Who Struggle With Two or More of the Following:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger / Emotional Regulation
  • Attention / Focusing Issues
  • Reading and Writing
  • Sensory Processing Deficits
  • Confidence and Social Abilities
  • Expressing Wants and Needs
  • Proper Use of Words or Sounds
  • Clumsiness
  • Uncontrollable / Unwanted Behaviors
  • Poor School Performance
  • Meeting Developmental Milestones
  • Fine or Gross Motor Activities
  • Feeding
  • Pronunciation of Words or Sounds
  • Other Parent / Doctor Concerns

Life Before FUNctionabilities

Life After FUNctionabilities

Trust the Process 

We create a plan for YOUR kiddo

All Great Things Take Time

A quick fix is just a band-aid

Be the Hero

We coach you to transformational results

Life Does Not Have to Be So Hard, We Can Help!

Many parents are frustrated by the hours they spend dealing with their child's behaviors. At FUNctionabilities, we created a revolutionary program just for you that fixes the real cause of these behaviors giving you hours back in your day and making life easier.

Get an Evaluation

Learn what is really going on  with your child through our detailed report.

Follow the Plan

We have a plan to treat the root cause of your child's behaviors.

Make Life Easier 

As the behaviors and real causes are addressed your child becomes more independent.


Create More Time for You

More understanding saves you time and heartache

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What Is the Plan?

Learning to Play 

Playing to Learn