We created our space with your child in mind. We have 4 speech therapy treatment rooms, 3 occupational therapy rooms adjacent to the therapy gym, which allows us to focus on a variety of skills including speech production, articulation, behaviors, anxiety therapy, and motor skills. We have over 2,500 square feet of pediatric therapy gym, allowing us to work on a variety of skills with each therapy task. You won’t find treadmills and weights in our gym. Our obstacles and vestibular swings motivate your child to explore and play while they become their best ninja-self. Combining sensory integration with a fun and challenging environment, inspires your child to participate in their own skill development, so they progress quicker as we provide a “just-right challenge” to push your child beyond their current abilities.

As the founders like to say, “our design is inspired by American Ninja Warrior and Sensory Integration mixed with our interpretation of what a pediatric therapy gym should be.”

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