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More Freedom, More Time, More Connection

Not Just Another Summer Camp

Why This Is Not Just Another Summer Camp

  1. 1
    This Camp Is Lead by Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists
  2. 2
    Your Camper Will Get the Opportunity to Do What Kids Do Best, Learn and Play
  3. 3
    We Teach Real Life Skills Through FUN and Play
  4. 4
    Every Day, Every Week, Every Camp Is a New Learning Adventure
  5. 5
    We Limit Our Sessions to No More Than 30 Campers

Our Camps Make Summer Life Easier

We Provide Structure and a Whole Lot of FUN

Topic of the Day

Our therapists plan and lead the group to teach your child social skills.

Obstacle Courses

Gross motor activities will be set up in a way that enhances your child's social and motor skills.

Challenge Tracks

Fine motor activities are designed to strengthen your child's ability to make friends and build skills.

Focus Activities

Specific games and books are used to further develop the topic of the day.

Munch & Mingle

This is not just snack time, we plan our munchies to teach social and motor skills.

Structured Play

With over 300 games and activities available there is always something for every child to do.

FUN Team Objective

The strength of FUNctionabilities isn't in our equipment or tools, it's in the hearts of those who successfully utilize the power of our team to transform each life entrusted to us and to inspire each little hero to dream, fight, become!

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

What Will You Get

Peace of mind knowing that your child is with professionals

More Time

Confidence that your child is not merely being baby sat

More Freedom

Assurance that your child will learn while playing

More Connection

What People Are Saying...

Now He Likes Being With Peers!

“Greyson was never concerned with other kids before your social skills class. Now he is inviting peers, he’ll say hello, and he is doing integrative play, not just parallel play. Now he likes being with peers.”

Robin Evans (Mom)

He Talked About It All the Time and Learned a Lot!

“I do think the group dynamic was good. Sean did really well when he could watch other kids, so he knew what to do and what was expected. For Liam, I was worried about it being a long day for him, but he loved coming! He talked about it all the time and learned a lot, so it was definitely worth it.”

Katie Mulcahy (Mom)

It helped my son learn to make better choices!

“It helped my son learn to make better choices. He would learn about making good choices or being a friend in his class, then come home and tell me that he saw his friends making poor choices and he didn’t like it, so he was going to make better choices next time. He gets away with not completing activities at school, but in those classes, he learned to reset so he can get back and finish the activity.”

Gaby Lattuf (Mom)

Is This Camp Right for You?

Our Camp Is Different, so It Is Not for Everyone

Who Is This For

  • Kiddos that need structure during the summer
  • Kiddos who struggle making or keeping friends
  • Kiddos who might be unable to thrive elsewhere
  • Kiddos that need something to do in the summer

Who is this not for

  • Kiddos who can entertain themselves without electronics 
  • Kiddos who don't struggle with social skills 
  • Kiddos who are aggressive
Does It Get Any Better Than This!

"I loved the obstacle courses! I got to jump and play a lot. I learned that I need to wait patiently for my turn. It was like ninja tryouts."


Handouts with Ideas for Home


Drinks & Snacks



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Choose Your Social Skills Camp Below

Camps run Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Session 1

June 4 - June 21

  • Week 1: Self-Regulation for Play
  • Week 2: Social Skills 101
  • Week 3: Confidence in Play

Session 2

June 25 - June 28 & July 9 - July 19

  • Week 1: Core Hand Skills
  • Week 2: Writing Basics
  • Week 3: Mealtime Skills              

Session 3

July 23, 25, 26 & July 30 - August 9

  • Week 1: Play to Learn - 3 Day Week
  • Week 2: Social Skills 201
  • Week 3: Attention in Play 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What age does my kiddo need to be to participate?

We are accepting kiddos ages 4 - 10.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Yes, your child does need to be potty trained to attend summer camp.


Does my kiddo have to be a patient to sign up for summer camps?

Absolutely not!  

Will camp be held in the same place as your one-on-one sessions?

No while all camps will be held at FUNctionabilities in Draper we have created a second, 2500 square foot gym designed for larger group activities.

Can my kiddo come for only 1 week?

Yes. We will be running summer camps all summer long. Your kiddo is welcome to attend just 1 week or every week!

Can I get a refund if we miss a day?

Our camps are nonrefundable. However, you can receive the handouts for that day so you and your camper won't fall behind.

Are there any fees if I am late to pick up my kiddo?

We are staffing camp with our therapists who have appointments with other kiddos at noon. If you are late we will have to pull staff from other duties so there will be a $25 fee for every 15 minutes you are late.

Do you offer discounts if I sign up more than 1 of my kiddos?

Yes! Take advantage of the $50 a week per child discount by using the code SIBLING50 at checkout. (ONLY 1 discount code can be applied per week)

Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes! If you sign up for more than 1 week use the discount code BONUS50 at checkout to get $50 off each week. (ONLY 1 discount code can be applied per week)

What if I what to sign up more than one kiddo for multiple weeks?

No problem! If you sign up more than 1 kiddo for more than 1 week use discount code MSIB100 at checkout to get $100 off each week.


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